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The event where comedians perform their sets and dancers improvise and react  on stage with them. And then they swap, with comedians dancing and dancers performing stand up....what could go wrong?

Having been awarded Arts Council Funding in December 2016, throughout 2017, there will be a number of events, residencies and workshops where I investigate the relationship between the two art forms, and attempting to find out if they can work together?

You can read more about my findings here

Next shows:

2nd April, Leicester, Attenborough Arts Centre

4th June, Leicester, Attenborough Arts Centre


Tetrad, is an artist-led collective that is dedicated to engaging with the creative discourse of performance practices through the bringing together of artists, thinkers and fellow citizens. 

Made up of Daniel Nicholas, Katherine Hall, Jack Britton and Lewys Holt. 

Tetrad puts on an array of events to help emerging artists, show case work and develop themselves.

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An experiment in media-mashups has been taking place at Phoenix Cinema in Leicester. Prepare to be astounded as comedians, poets, musicians and more take films and animations and bend them, twist them and break them into entirely new, completely unique performances.

Next Show: February 9th


Previous Shows

Poster Boy 2017

Scripted 2016

  Reverb (The Love story of Terrance the Crocodile and Julia the Mannequin) 2015

Yours Desperately, Dan and Lydia 2015

Conversation Garden 2013-2014

dis.CLOSURE 2013

The Quadrantines 2012

Marketing Campaigns

Heard That One Before? - Leicester Comedy Festival 2017

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival 2016

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