Dan Nicholas is a lot of things, some say he's a comedian, fewer say writer, sometimes 'Theatre Maker' springs to mind, definitely a Gemini though.

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Daniel Nicholas, is an exciting interactive comedian, he has produced and created fun and interesting new ways to watch comedy. Whether that’s whilst playing lasertag, or with a dancer reacting to the set, Daniel by no means is a traditional stand up. Expect gags, expect audience participation, and expect something that you’ll never seen before or maybe again

In 2013, he was part of interdisciplinary chat show ‘Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden ´where he was joined by Dancer Lewys Holt,and Theatre maker Jack Britton, in a chat show where audience members were interviewed and put through challenges.

Conversation Garden had repeated success across the midlands, after a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and a small scale Autumn tour in 2014, the trio went on hiatus whilst they focused on their own projects.

Since then Daniel has developing projects that introduce an interdisciplinary element, combining different art forms with comedy. As a result Daniel has produced the event D.A.N.C.E (Developing a new Comedy Experience) and Commentary, the latter being set in an independent cinema,where live performance engages with film.

As a solo performer, Daniel tends to explore the different ways he can confuse and engage an audience at the same time, whether that’s through comedy or storytelling his performances are always of high quality and different to anything else, as he slowly carves his own path into these industries.

He is currently working on Eugene a comedy theatre sci-fi show (Think a ted talk meets the terminator with Steve Jobs and your on the right track) and Millennial Generation Game, a stand up comedy game show that explores different generations.

Previous Shows:

Eugene - Current

Millennial Generation Game - Current

Lessons in Nostalgia - 2019

Poster Boy - 2017

Scripted-  2016

  Reverb (The Love story of Terrance the Crocodile and Julia the Mannequin) 2015

Yours Desperately, Dan and Lydia 2015

Conversation Garden 2013-2014

dis.CLOSURE 2013

The Quadrantines 2012

Photo by David Wilson Clarke


  • Winner - Best Improv Show in Leicester Comedy Festival (for  'Conversation Garden Does a British Bake Off Themed Murder Mystery)
  • Nominated-  Best Alternative Act in the Midlands Comedy Awards (2015/16/17)
  • Nominated – Best Show in the Midlands Comedy Awards (2016)
  • Nominated – Best Newcomer in the Greater Manchester Fringe (2015)
  • Nominated – Best Comedy Show in the Greater Manchester Fringe (2015)
  • Nominated – Best Festival Debut in Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival (2015)
  • Runner Up – Best Breakthrough Act Midlands Comedy Awards (2014)
  • Short listed for the BBC New Comedy Award (2013).


'his writing displays a sharp, obtuse wit across all his disjointed one-liners...Someone as inventive as this should have a future in comedy.' -Steve Bennett, Chortle.

‘Immensely brave use of Pinter-esque silences...a dangerous comedian who keepsyou on the edge of your seat waiting for the next outrageous non sequitur.’ –The Western Gazette

'His creativity is remarkable.' - Broadway Baby

A very talented man who can craft astory with ease and grace.’ – Bunbury Magazine

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