Discarded Jokes

Upon the creation of sliced bread: 'This is the best thing since Gazza's stag due'

Drinking water when you need a piss

 - big up to ya

I suggested to my girlfriend the idea of having sex whilst playing tennis. She hasn't got back to me yet but the balls in her court

shit band made up of audience members


-harmonica - didn't want to play to into it

I've been told I have a very loud personality as well as having handsome shoulders and ass. So much so that people are pleased to see the back of me. 

Empathy with the audience owl mental show.

Mundane acid trips - different colour toilet freshner

illustration of Craig's family tree - with relationships with people/ex's

I frequently go to all you can eat restaurants and bite off more than I can chew

A stallion once told me that they only mate when it's snowing. It's a true story I heard it straight from the horses mouth.

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