Upcoming Gigs

7th - Jestin at the Western, Leicester

13th - Birmingham Comedy Festival, Birmingham

18th - Kids Court, Leicester

26th - Improv with Nicholas Holt, Wolverhampton Comedy Festival

29th - D.A.N.C.E, Leicester


4th - Jestin at the Western, Leicester

5th - Upstairs at the Western Graduation Night, Leicester

9th - Poster Boy, Nottingham Comedy Festival

11th - Improv with Nicholas Holt, Nottingham  Comedy Festival,

12th - D.A.N.C.E, Nottingham Comedy Festival,

22nd, Canal House, Nottingham (MC)

26th - Tetrad Presents Us and Them, Leicester


2nd - Jestin at the Western, Leicester

3rd - Bristol (closing)

9th - Bristol (improv show)

10th - New Stuff, Comedy Store, Manchester

14th - Club Smashing Christmas Show, Leicester

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